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Pregnancy with a toddler around is exhausting… add in a growing business (yay!) and you get one tired momma at the end of the day who has no desire to blog.  Big surprise, huh.  And now, we are 17 days away from the arrival of our second boy which means my desire/time to blog will probably decrease exponentially.  But… I’m going to make a big effort to really work on keeping up with you guys weekly.  I want to do at least one Project 365 post, and one post with (hopefully) cohesive thoughts.  I’m crossing my fingers ;).

For now, here are the first week (or so) of pics for this year.  Hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year!  Jack has finally started actually smiling for the camera when we ask him to say “cheese”.  And bring the cheese he does – every smile is a huge goofy one.  He’s becoming quite the character.

After spending the weekend at my parents celebrating a belated Christmas, we came home to find the freezer door had popped open and all of our meat/frozen goods oozing out onto the floor.  So not a good way to come home!  I’m still battling a strange scent from some juice puddles I can’t seem to find.  What upset me more than losing the meat and leftovers we had frozen, was the fact that we had just made a batch of homemade peppermint ice cream that I was so looking forward to enjoying when we got back.  Ugh… still makes me mad.  Stupid freezer.

If you didn’t know, my son is obsessed with cars.  He has so many cars, there’s a basket in our living room full of matchbox cars, and an entire shelving unit in his bedroom closet full of larger cars.  Granny and Grandpa gave Jack this cool rug for his bedroom for him to race all of those cars on.  The kid can’t get enough.

Brushing teeth is a favorite past time in our house these days.  Jack has gotten really good at it (mostly) and only needs a little help from mommy & daddy.  He especially likes rinsing his brush off 15 times and pretending to spit into the sink.

Tonight, we went out to eat at Raising Cane’s.  It looks like Jack is starting to throw a fit here, but really he’s just being a complete ham.  We’ve decided that Jack is going to be the life of the party.  He was laughing and dancing to the music and getting lots of attention and laughs from the people sitting around us.  He definitely has his daddy’s personality.

Another morning at the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  Jack has been pretend playing a lot more lately, and one of his new favorite things to do at LCM is to play at the pizza parlor.  He likes to pretend to eat his “zaza” and sprinkle cheese and ketchup on each slice.  Jack could play in there for a whole hour if I let him, but I can’t quite get my pregnant belly into the booth, so I usually suggest playing with something else after ten minutes!

Today, Nick and I had our last date before the new guy arrives.  We had a great lunch at Red Lobster, and went to see “Black Swan” at the theatre.  In between, we decided to brave the cold and head to the Haymarket to take some maternity pictures.  I never did get a chance to have any official pictures taken when I was pregnant with Jack, and to be honest, we just don’t have the funds to get them done professionally (so expensive!).  So, we decided that since Nick takes pretty good photos himself, we’d just have him take a few and see what came up.  And I’m so glad we did it – I love how they turned out! (even though some make my belly look gargantuan!)  If you’d like to see the rest, go here.
Well, that’s our first week of the year.  Hope you liked it!  And here’s hoping I don’t fall off the bandwagon again :).


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We went to Holmes Lake to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air.  It was a nice, cool, overcast day, and once Jack spotted the water – he headed straight for it.  After getting himself sufficiently wet, we walked around for a while and then went to grab some lunch then back home for a well deserved nap.

Another trip to the Lincoln Childrens’ Museum (boy do I not regret getting a year membership!).  Jack likes to play in the veterinarian’s office – giving each puppy a sloppy kiss on the nose.  I told him that this particular puppy was very thirsty and needed a drink, so he took a nearby medicine bottle and gave him one.  Talk about cute!

I love this photo – a typical afternoon walk in which Jack chases Lily all over the lawn.

Preparing for our four day camping trip in Colorado.  Made this massive batch of trail mix, as well as two batches of granola bars.

Despite a sick boy the day before, we were able to make it to Colorado after leaving Jack with Nick’s parents (luckily his fever had broken when we woke up this morning).  Though it was hard to leave him, I knew he was in good hands and that a vacation away was only going to help me love on him more when we returned.  We took a small hike from our campsite to this beautiful lake.  The water was refreshing and cool, and I spent a lot of time just soaking my feet.  Ah, relaxation!

The day of the big hike.  The boys had been planning this 15+mile hike across two peaks and down a glacier for almost 6 months.  The day finally arrived – it was beautiful out, and though the start was probably different than what they had dreamed about – with two pregnant wives trying to huff it up the mountain.  All four of us made it to treeline on Flattop mountain and ate some lunch before us women turned around and had a relaxing afternoon shopping in Estes Park while the boys kept going.  When we went to pick up the boys later that evening, we were faced with two exhausted and frustrated men – a stark difference from the excited & giddy boys who started out the day.  Running out of water and a taking a few wrong turns made the hike much more difficult than expected, but they made it through alive.  Sore and tired, but alive.

Our last day at Rocky Mountain National Park.  We drove part of the Trail Ridge Road and took it easy during the morning.  Then we drove to Loveland where we had great suites waiting for us at Embassy Suites – had a relaxing evening and a good nights sleep in a real bed.  I think we will do something like this after every camping trip – it was glorious!

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Mama’s day was wonderful this year.  Nick let me sleep in, made banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, wouldn’t let me do anything all day, made me wonderful lemon shrimp pasta… it was fabulous, and I felt very loved.

Monday, along with being laundry day, is usually grocery day.  Usually Jack sits in the cart, but lately has gotten really restless after a while.  So, Jack got to help me today with the groceries by pushing his very own cart.  He was in heaven!  I worried that he would just want to push it wherever and I’d never get any shopping done, but he quickly learned to follow me, turn the cart where I pointed, and put items into his cart when I handed them to him.  I was surprised at how quickly he caught on!  He really is a great grocery helper!

Yet another morning at the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  Jack is getting more and more comfortable with the place and instead of having to coax him into trying things, he runs off on his own to do whatever he wants.  It’s fun just to be able to follow and watch him play and learn.  When we got our membership a few months ago, he could barely see over this water tub – but now he can reach in and play!  He has gotten so big!

Somehow this sticker ended up on Jack’s foot while he played this morning.  He’s a good little citizen! 🙂

Spring has been dreary and wet around these parts lately… so when the sun peaked out this morning, we took advantage of it and headed out for a walk.  It was so nice to get out.  And of course, the nice weather lasted only a day and a half, and we are back to cool, wet, dreariness.

The Maestas humans aren’t the only ones who really like the flower pillow.  🙂

I got to enjoy a girls’ night out with my friends Amber, Lanae, and Sarah to celebrate Sarah’s upcoming nuptials.  Here is Lanae with Chompsky Artz before we headed out.  We went to the Blue Orchid for dinner and then onto the Crescent Moon for something warm to drink.  It was so nice to enjoy some female adult company!

I hope your weeks were amazing, and that this one brings some relaxation and fun.

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Like a kid in a candy store.  Eyes bright, can’t sit still, rubbing hands together excitedly.  One of Nick’s friends was moving back to Omaha from the East Coast and offered to bring him back some Yuengling – his absolute favorite beer.  And the country’s oldest beer, if you cared to know.  You can’t find it here, so the fact that someone was willing to pack a couple of cases in their car for him was the highlight of Nick’s year.  We picked it up on Sunday.  (And a week later, only a handful have been consumed… he wants to savor every last drop.)

In an effort to keep him happy this morning, I brought his Mickey Mouse train outside for him to push down the sidewalk.  And by push, I mean run.  And by the sidewalk, I mean all over the sidewalks of our apartment grounds.  I had no idea this would be such a hit.  And by hit, I mean he screamed bloody murder when I told him it was time to go inside for lunch.

Another outing to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.  This time was much better than the first.  He actually played in the sandbox for a while, though did not know what to do when I took his socks and shoes off… it was like his feet were suddenly glued to the ground.  I’m slowly realizing that he is a kid that needs time to adjust when encountering something new (much like me).  The goats this time were a huge hit – he went up to them, giggled at them, and tried to offer them his snacks.

Yes, that is Jack trying to stuff an entire chocolate chip cookie into his mouth.  My parents were in town for dad’s follow-up doctor appointment from his surgery.  His recovery  has been amazing, and the surgery for his other shoulder has been scheduled for the beginning of June.  I’m so glad that soon he will finally be pain free and able to pick up his grandson again!

The new thing that Jack learned to do this week was to climb up on his rocking chair by himself!  He’s getting so big!  He climbs up and down constantly, exclaiming “UP!” each time.  This was the same rocking chair that I had as a child – I received it from my grandparents for my 1st Christmas.

Waking up from naps is so hard :).  Another thing he inherited from me – needing lots of time to wake up.  He definitely gets my tendency to get grumpy when too much happens too fast, so we take it slow, snuggle, and hang onto Blankie for dear life.

A chilly, but enjoyable morning at the Farmer’s Market!  We met up with our friends Tyler and Ben and walked around, taking in the produce and crafts and stopped to share some very yummy egg rolls.  Jack is getting more and more comfortable with Ben – it’s fun to watch their friendship grow.  And we just found out that Ben is going to be a big brother in about eight or so months.  In fact, Tyler about spilled the beans three times that morning!  We’re so excited for them!
As always, I hope your weeks are full of surprises, and that you get a chance to take them in and appreciate them.

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Project 365: Week 16

Wow – sorry for the delay in posting this.  Days in the Maestas household have consisted of dealing with/comforting a toddler who is teething, not sleeping well, and has some major congestion going on.  But, we love him and he’s finally starting to feel more like himself.

And now, without further ado, here are last week’s pictures:

Mmmmmm… just looking at this picture makes my mouth water.  These lemony goodnesses (is that a word??) I found on a blog I read.  They were so easy to make, and soo soo good.  Be forewarned – you won’t be able to stop eating them.  In fact, we went through them pretty quick, and Nick asked me to make more on Thursday!  So, he took some to work and they dubbed them “cakeys”.  So, here’s the recipe – go make some.  You can thank me later.

Summer is right around the corner!  We’ve been noticing that after Jack has been running around for a while, his socks are completely soaked with sweat.  So, I picked up some cheap $2.50 flip flops from Target.  I must say, little toddler piggies in flip flops = the cutest thing ever!

Man.  This picture makes me giggle.  Love baby butt cracks!  We went to watch Nick play a softball game, and Jack enjoyed just running around and watching the action.  I’m glad we are exposing him to the ballpark and that it will be a part of his childhood.  I have many fond memories of playing at the fields when my brothers played and my dad was an umpire.

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the Lincoln Surgical Hospital.  My dad was getting surgery done on his shoulder, so we went to hang out with mom while we waited to see how things went.  Jack was really scared of all of the machines that were hooked up to Grandpa, but he liked running up and down the waiting room.  Luckily, dad’s surgery went very well and the damage to his shoulder wasn’t as bad as they feared so the recovery time will be much less than expected.

Another morning at the Children’s Museum.  This is the first thing that Jack runs to when entering the museum – the state trooper vehicle that has buttons to push that make cool siren noises and a wooden wheel to turn.  He is such a boy!

The clouds were beautiful today – big, white, and fluffy.  It was fun being able to play outside again after a pretty rainy and chilly week.

This is the view from our living room.  We leave the door open and Jack spends hours walking in and out, playing with a few push toys here and there.  I think he’s proud of himself for being able to walk through the door and up and down the patio by himself.

And… that’s the week!  Next week’s pictures may be a little sparse – a few days have passed with no picture taking due to doing nothing but hanging out with a sick little boy.  But, that’s life sometimes.

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Our last day in Cozad was spent celebrating with Nick’s sister, Ida Rose.  She had her confirmation that day, and had a fun celebration after – complete with homemade enchiladas!  Nick’s mom makes the yummiest enchiladas… they are huge and I happily ate two of them.  Don’t mind the strange shadow-halos in the picture… so strange.  But look how adorable Bubba looks in his suit.  A.dor.able.

Nick started his new job today, which meant we had to get back into our normal schedule.  Read: laundry!  Mounds and mounds of laundry.  For some reason mondays always end up being laundry day… which overflows into tuesday… and then a few loads later in the week… who am I kidding?  It never seems to end!  Oh well.  Jack loves to help with laundry – opening and closing the dryer door as I try to move loads over, pulling down newly folded stacks from the couch… you know, the normal.  Today he “helped” by stepping in and out of the hamper… for a good 30 minutes.  He has recently discovered he can lift his leg and step into things, or step over his truck to ride on it, and he showed me he could do it over… and over… and over again.  It was also a hot day, and since I refuse to turn on the air conditioning in April, he ran around in a diaper most of the day.

We live a block and a half from a park.  Since Jack has been walking more and more, I decided to see what would happen if we left the stroller at home and I let him walk most of the way (on the non-dangerous, no traffic parts).  It was slow going… took about three times as long as normal, but we made it.  He especially loves running in the grass, and walking up and down this bridge.  He is so proud of himself that he can make it all the way up on his own!

Another fun afternoon at the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  One of Jack’s favorite parts is the water exhibit.  He would spend hours splashing around in the water if we let him.  He was being funny this day – splashing and then watching the droplets fall from his hand after.  If you look close you can see all the water that was on his face too!  Crazy kid.

Nick was in Omaha preparing for a fundraiser with some friends, so Bubba and I got ready for bed by ourselves and spent some good snuggle time together.  I think kids in pj’s are the cutest things ever!  Especially my kid.  But I’m not biased at all.

We are finding out that one of the major perks to Nick’s new job – free Husker baseball tickets.  This was the second night this week that he scored free tickets. It was a nice clear night for a ball game – though pretty darn chilly.  We forgot a blanket, so we snuggled in our hoodies, drank our pepsi’s and shared a bag of sunflower seeds.  I could only last through the 5th inning in the cold, then we headed to Barnes and Noble for something warm to drink.  It was a good date night.

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo opened this week!  I’m so glad we got the dual Children’s Museum/Zoo membership.  It will be so nice to head there when I need to get Jack out of the house.  It was a really nice morning.  Jack was pretty unimpressed, but I can’t decide if it’s because he’s not quite old enough to really like it, or if it was because we have been moving toward one-nap a day, instead of two, and this outing was right smack dab in the middle of what was his morning nap.  Probably the latter… but who knows.  Toddlers are strange beings some times.  Regardless, we enjoyed it.

Hope your weeks were amazing, and that this week tops it!

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Project 365: Week 14

Easter!  Jack was excited to experience his first (real) easter – complete with easter baskets full of fun stuff.  His breakfast that morning consisted of peeps, candy, fruit snacks, goldfish, and cheerios.  Now every time he finds one of the plastic eggs, he brings it up to me to open and then peers inside to see what goodies are there… sadly, there are none cause he has eaten all of them and he looks so disappointed!

I got my business cards in the mail!  Etsy and Moo went in together to offer Etsy sellers a free pack of business cards.  They turned out pretty good – I wish I had edited my photos a bit before printing them – they are a bit oversaturated with color, but they work.   Half of them are gone already, so another order will need to be made sometime soon.

Nick had last week off as he transitioned to his new job, so that meant a lot of lazy, fun days.  The break from our routine was nice, and it was fun to have Nick home to play.  Here Jack and I are chilling, watching some cartoons.


I’m a slacker and didn’t take a picture today.  Project 365 Fail!  Nothing amazing happened this day – just lots of packing, cleaning, and preparing for a trip to Cozad, and then working at B&N that night.  Too boring I guess.

I can’t believe how big my baby boy is getting!  We made it to Cozad to visit Nick’s family, and Jack thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit at the big boy table to have his snack.

Now that Jack has four teeth, he loves taking advantage of it and bites into things he never was able to before.  He really enjoyed gnawing on this apple with Grandma, juice dripping down his chin and all.  Luckily, he hasn’t yet discovered the art of biting people… he’s too caught up on head-butting to care at the moment.  (yes, he head butts… everything… when he’s mad/frustrated/doesn’t get what he wants… I can’t help but pray that this behavior will stop soon!).

Prisoners!  Jack discovered the stairs at Grandma’s house this weekend… and can avidly crawl/climb up them – exclaiming “UP!” with each step.  The way down, however, not so great.  He just goes… practically runs down the stairs as you hold onto his hands.  I tried to teach him how to sit down and scoot down the stairs, but it just wasn’t fast enough for him.  So, while we were having a bridal shower for Nick’s cousin, all the boys and dogs had to stay upstairs… thus the prison sentence.  I’m glad that we don’t have stairs at our apartment for him to want to climb up and down.  That was pretty exhausting!

I hope all of your weeks were fun filled and refreshing.  If any of you also do a Project 365 type photo project, let me know and send me the link – I’d love to take a gander.

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