Many apologies for being so behind on this!  It is a combination of first-trimester tiredness where I have taken advantage of every nap Jack has taken and have done the same… thus cutting my internet time down, and the fact that we got rid of our wireless internet for the summer to help save some money.  So, I’ll post the last month’s pictures in two posts so as to not overwhelm you with a humongo picture post.

Fair warning – I’ve gotten pretty lazy about taking a picture every day… some weeks there are only two pics for the week (hanging my head in shame).  I promise I will try to get better.

I found this great little onesie at one of our local second-hand consignment shoperoos.  The first purchase for Baby Maestas #2!

Why yes, that is my son streaking through the house with a cereal box on his head.  Thank you for noticing.

We made an impromptu visit to my parents house to see my brother and sister-in-law who were in town from Texas.  Here is Jack trying to share his marshmallows with Grandpa.  And by sharing, I mean pretending to hand them to him and then quickly popping them into his own mouth.

Nick and I at our friends Clayton and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner.  We actually did take a normal picture, but this one is most representative of who we are.

Sarah’s wedding day!  I was so glad that both Nick and I could be a part of their special day.  It turned out to be gorgeous out (despite the massive rains the days leading up to it) and it was fun to stand up with them.

Exhausted puppy keeping Jack’s blanket warm for him.

Jack is starting to smile for the camera when we tell him to say “cheese”… it’s so funny because he looks like such a ham when he does it – he closes one eye and looks like Popeye with his silly grin.

Dipping chicken nuggets into bbq sauce takes great concentration.

Can I just say I adore this picture?  We visited Nick at his work to bring him coffee and donuts, and Jack was in love with typing away on the computer.

Saturday morning lounging on the couch in our pj’s – my favorite.


Way delayed in posting… life has kind of gotten away from us these past two weeks!

Our Tour de Cure team – everyone did awesome!  I only managed to make it 10 miles – I was having problems with my breathing, and later nausea (which if you look later in the week you’ll find the reason for the nausea).  So, I bowed out early, but everyone else kicked butt and knocked out 20 miles.  Total, for Nebraska, we raised over $70,000!

When things pile up, I tend to just want to pull the covers over my head and ignore it.  So, after being inspired by this woman, I decided to make housework a bit more manageable by making out this list.  It was fun to make… and ideally it will help me manage things better… but I can’t honestly say I’ve stuck to it to a T.  But it’s pretty.  Does that count for something?

Seriously… when did my baby get so big????

I love my boys.

I have a feeling there will be many more days like this in the next few months.  Jack had a blast being in the water, getting in and out, throwing toys into it, splashing Lily.  It was nice to sunbathe a little and watch him go to town.

Yep… that’s what you think it is.  We are pregnant!  This one kind of snuck up on us… though we had been talking about it, we weren’t actively trying.  Guess it’s coming a few months earlier than we expected.  This also explains the not feeling well during the bike ride – and probably a good thing I decided to only do the 10 miles.  As with Jack, it took Nick a while to really understand that we were having another baby.  With Jack he said: “What the &!@)!> did we just do?!?!?!”, with this one he said: “We’re having another one of those?!?!? *points towards Jack’s room*”  Now that we’ve had some time to digest it, we’re pretty excited to welcome our baby around February 1, 2011.

Because we were going to see both sides of our families today, we decided to have Jack tell everyone our good news.  I made up this cute onesie, and put the button-up over it so they would have to unbotton it to see the message.  My mom was excited and expecting it, my dad laughed at first – then the meaning of the shirt dawned on him and his jaw just about hit the ground, and Nick’s mom didn’t get it for the longest time then thought we were lying ;).  I love seeing people’s reactions.  So funny.

This is my typical husband.  We went swimming and he decided it would be fun to put Jack’s floaty toy on his head.  Creepy, yet endearing.

Monday – Tuesday: no idea why no pictures were taken – probably from exhaustion after the exciting weekend.

Again, when did my baby get so big???

Went to the Children’s Zoo this morning… though all of the animals are fun to look at, today it was much more fun to stomp in the mud puddles.  I love the look of joy on his face.  So many moms were going past, saying “oh no! don’t get dirty!”, but I didn’t care – it was a chance for Jack to discover something new and be a boy.  Boys get dirty.  I don’t mind the extra laundry.

We went to our friends’ house for some bbq and to discuss our upcoming camping trip to Colorado.  Ben and Jack are really starting to become good friends (apart from the occasional pushing match).  They had fun playing in the pool, running around the yard, and “eating” supper at a special kid sized picnic table.  It was fun to be able to sit at the adult table and not have to worry about them too much and have adult conversation.  We felt so grown up.  (And we are excited that both sets of families are having babies within a month of each other this winter – it will be fun to have them so close in age!)

And last but not least, after everyone was having a grumpy morning, a trip to the park to do some swinging was just what the doctor ordered.  Nick did some errands on his bike, and I walked with Jack a couple of miles to and from the park.  Add to that a yummy breakfast burrito, and all was right in the world once again!

I’ll try to be better at both posting more regularly and taking pictures each day!

We had a doozy of a week!  Well, mostly just weekend – full of driving, wedding, driving, 10 & 20 mile bike rides, driving, non-sleeping child, etc.  But, here it is in a nutshell – enjoy!

Boys and their toys!  This is what I see all day long… and though at times it annoys me, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Now, we have to keep working with Jack to teach him how to pick them up!  (Which he did help for a while tonight, until he got distracted by a toy race car.)

Have I told you that I gave birth to an outdoorsman?  Seriously, this child could live outside if we let him.  We are constantly taking walks, pushing trains down the sidewalk, swinging at the park, anything that has to do with being outside.  I’m glad he likes it, because we like it too… and it’s a surefire way to calm him down when he’s on the cranky side.

Here are the hubs and I on our 10 mile bike ride we took in preparation for the 20 mile Tour de Cure we did on Sunday.  We live right on the MoPac bike trail here in Lincoln, so we can just hop on it and ride out to Walton (a neighboring little town).  It’s a beautiful ride out to the country and it was nice to get away for a while… I was having some problems with my lungs, but I’ll talk more about that in another post soon.  Despite those frustrating issues, it was fun!

I do believe that in 16ish years, Jack will be killing us for putting this photo up at his high school graduation.  I smell the power of blackmail! 🙂  I absolutely love this photo.  It’s classic to how goofy our boy can be.  It was getting close to bedtime, so when Nick changed his diaper he decided to just leave his pants off to make things easier later… but neglected to take of his shoes… add to that the fact that Jack has pretty much been refusing to take off these red beads all day, and then showing me how he is “soooo big!” – this is the fantastic result.  Strike a pose.  Vogue.

More love for the upcycled pillow!  This past week, whenever Jack spots this pillow, he pulls it to the floor and lays down on it… snuggling with it… attacking it.  He loves the thing.  Nick and I have been wondering if this is a sign that he’s ready for a real pillow.  He usually bunches up his blankie and sleeps on it like it’s a pillow anyway… anyone have any ideas on when it’s a good time to get a toddler their own pillow??

Ok… truth.  This photo wasn’t really taken this day… it was taken earlier in the week.  But, apparently nothing fun or noteworthy happened on Friday, so I was left with no photo.  And besides… how could I pass up the opportunity to post an absolutely adorable photo of my son??

We drove to Cozad in the morning to make it to Nick’s cousin’s wedding that afternoon, then had to drive back that night after the wedding so we could get up bright and early to make it to the Tour de Cure bike ride on Sunday.  Even though it was a crazy long, busy day, we did get to spend some time with one of Nick’s heroes – his gramps.  Gramps is the only male blood relative that is present in Nick’s life, and one of the most influential people in his life.  Nick is the person he is because of Gramps.  I’m always so glad to see them together.  I hope Gramps knows how much love his grandson has for him.

There’s our week!  A post is coming soon about the Tour de Cure ride, so until then, I hope your weeks are amazing!

I hate knitting lace with laceweight yarn… it’s so finicky… I always drop stitches.  It doesn’t feel nice on my fingers.  I am not a fan.

What I am a fan of… is knitting lace with big fluffy pretty yarn!

This is the Hemlock Ring Blanket (ravelry link) by Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed – a fantastic knitwear designer who is also a male – male knitters are so rare!).  Seriously, if you are a knitter and have never looked at his stuff, run-don’t-walk over to his blog and check it out.  Beautiful stuff.

I first started this project as a Christmas present for my mama (don’t worry, she already knows she’s getting one).  I started it so early because I figured it would be something I could work on slowly – a bit here, a bit there.

I underestimated the addictiveness of knitting lace with bulky weight yarn.

I. Had. To. Keep. Knitting.  It was like reading a good book.  I had to see how it was going to turn out – how the next row was going to make the overall piece look.

Anyway, I finished it last week.

I knit the blanket on 10.5 needles with Cascade’s Eco+ Wool.  The color is a heathered green (#9338) and actually looks a bit darker than the pictures show (the sun sort of washed it out a bit).

The only thing I’m disappointed with – even though I blocked it well, there’s still some ripply action going on with the feather and fan part of the blanket.  Anyone have an idea as to why?

Otherwise, I made no modification, and really like it.  It’s a nice warm little throw to put on your lap when ready a good book or watching TV.

Instead of waiting until Christmas to give it to my mom, I decided to give this one to my friend Sarah for her wedding.  That way, I get to knit another one for Christmas!  Maybe this time will be less addicting, but I doubt it!

(This picture shows the actual color a bit better – pretty, no?)

Project 365: Week 19

Mama’s day was wonderful this year.  Nick let me sleep in, made banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, wouldn’t let me do anything all day, made me wonderful lemon shrimp pasta… it was fabulous, and I felt very loved.

Monday, along with being laundry day, is usually grocery day.  Usually Jack sits in the cart, but lately has gotten really restless after a while.  So, Jack got to help me today with the groceries by pushing his very own cart.  He was in heaven!  I worried that he would just want to push it wherever and I’d never get any shopping done, but he quickly learned to follow me, turn the cart where I pointed, and put items into his cart when I handed them to him.  I was surprised at how quickly he caught on!  He really is a great grocery helper!

Yet another morning at the Lincoln Children’s Museum.  Jack is getting more and more comfortable with the place and instead of having to coax him into trying things, he runs off on his own to do whatever he wants.  It’s fun just to be able to follow and watch him play and learn.  When we got our membership a few months ago, he could barely see over this water tub – but now he can reach in and play!  He has gotten so big!

Somehow this sticker ended up on Jack’s foot while he played this morning.  He’s a good little citizen! 🙂

Spring has been dreary and wet around these parts lately… so when the sun peaked out this morning, we took advantage of it and headed out for a walk.  It was so nice to get out.  And of course, the nice weather lasted only a day and a half, and we are back to cool, wet, dreariness.

The Maestas humans aren’t the only ones who really like the flower pillow.  🙂

I got to enjoy a girls’ night out with my friends Amber, Lanae, and Sarah to celebrate Sarah’s upcoming nuptials.  Here is Lanae with Chompsky Artz before we headed out.  We went to the Blue Orchid for dinner and then onto the Crescent Moon for something warm to drink.  It was so nice to enjoy some female adult company!

I hope your weeks were amazing, and that this one brings some relaxation and fun.


10 days left…

20 miles to ride…

$100 to raise…

A while back, Nick and I talked about wanting to live a better story… for each of us, for both of us, for Jack.

In ten days, we are going to join several hundred others and push ourselves through a 20 mile bike ride to raise money and awareness for the American Diabetes Association.  More than 23 million Americans suffer from diabetes – including some of our family members and friends.  We wanted to join this cause to help in some small way, and to be able to encourage Jack one day to push past himself to help others in whatever way he can in the future.

I’m asking you to join us in this venture.  Please go to my Tour de Cure website (here) and give whatever you can to help continue the fight against diabetes – I am currently $100 away from my goal.

I would also like to write the names of anyone you know who suffers from this disease on my shirt when I ride – a way to honor them and fight for them.  If you feel so led, please let me know if there is a name you would like me to include.  You can leave a comment here, or email me at thefuzzyrobot@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading this, and for joining us in this ride!

Project 365: Week 18

Like a kid in a candy store.  Eyes bright, can’t sit still, rubbing hands together excitedly.  One of Nick’s friends was moving back to Omaha from the East Coast and offered to bring him back some Yuengling – his absolute favorite beer.  And the country’s oldest beer, if you cared to know.  You can’t find it here, so the fact that someone was willing to pack a couple of cases in their car for him was the highlight of Nick’s year.  We picked it up on Sunday.  (And a week later, only a handful have been consumed… he wants to savor every last drop.)

In an effort to keep him happy this morning, I brought his Mickey Mouse train outside for him to push down the sidewalk.  And by push, I mean run.  And by the sidewalk, I mean all over the sidewalks of our apartment grounds.  I had no idea this would be such a hit.  And by hit, I mean he screamed bloody murder when I told him it was time to go inside for lunch.

Another outing to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.  This time was much better than the first.  He actually played in the sandbox for a while, though did not know what to do when I took his socks and shoes off… it was like his feet were suddenly glued to the ground.  I’m slowly realizing that he is a kid that needs time to adjust when encountering something new (much like me).  The goats this time were a huge hit – he went up to them, giggled at them, and tried to offer them his snacks.

Yes, that is Jack trying to stuff an entire chocolate chip cookie into his mouth.  My parents were in town for dad’s follow-up doctor appointment from his surgery.  His recovery  has been amazing, and the surgery for his other shoulder has been scheduled for the beginning of June.  I’m so glad that soon he will finally be pain free and able to pick up his grandson again!

The new thing that Jack learned to do this week was to climb up on his rocking chair by himself!  He’s getting so big!  He climbs up and down constantly, exclaiming “UP!” each time.  This was the same rocking chair that I had as a child – I received it from my grandparents for my 1st Christmas.

Waking up from naps is so hard :).  Another thing he inherited from me – needing lots of time to wake up.  He definitely gets my tendency to get grumpy when too much happens too fast, so we take it slow, snuggle, and hang onto Blankie for dear life.

A chilly, but enjoyable morning at the Farmer’s Market!  We met up with our friends Tyler and Ben and walked around, taking in the produce and crafts and stopped to share some very yummy egg rolls.  Jack is getting more and more comfortable with Ben – it’s fun to watch their friendship grow.  And we just found out that Ben is going to be a big brother in about eight or so months.  In fact, Tyler about spilled the beans three times that morning!  We’re so excited for them!
As always, I hope your weeks are full of surprises, and that you get a chance to take them in and appreciate them.